We focus on the latest technologically advanced solutions to meet our clients’ needs, and with the evolution of technology, we embrace solutions that make our client’s life easier and less complex.  With mobile apps, text messaging, email and push notifications, we provide our clients with relevant and critical real-time alerts so necessary action can be taken and no longer have to wait until the next business day.

Our dedicated team of system designers and technicians invest hours to evaluate and test new and existing systems so that our client’s can fully utilize the functions and features of the system deployed.  In many cases, each client will have his or her own requirements and most systems are customized to each client.

We constantly evaluate our solutions and value engineer our designs so that our clients can enjoy the latest technology with reliability and usability.


Building a business up from the ground is abundantly costly in time and effort which is why it is important to have proper fire monitoring systems in place. A fire alarm not only monitors the physical building and materials inside, it also plays a vital role in saving the lives of your employees. AEC Fire Alarms are sensitive and effective, providing safety to your business and those working with you.


Closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance cameras are created to monitor for theft and vandalism in discreet areas, parking lots, and common areas. We partner with top-of-the-line manufacturers with the latest technologies to provide you the best CCTV equipment. AEC Alarm’s service representatives will work with you to design the most effective monitoring system for your commercial space.


Security system technologies are constantly changing to stay well ahead of the burglary tricks and trends. AEC Alarms equips our clients with the latest in alarm technology to ensure dependable security , no matter size and nature. Our Burglar Alarms are designed to deter and secure. AEC’s Web-Enabled Alarm Systems allows you to manage your alarm and/or video account from anywhere in the world. With internet access, you can use your computer or smartphone to gain access to real-time control and management. The difference in security and peace of mind is being able to retrieve information with the click of a button.


A card access system can control traffic of employees and visitors for your business. These systems eliminate the need for keys and provide a management solution for keeping track of your employees. AEC Alarms offers a highly effective card access system that is easy to use and monitor, providing your business employees with ease of access and security in the workplace. We have several card access systems that will work with any business requirements.

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